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The licensed electricians at Bolt Electric provide installation, repair, and replacement of electrical panels in Jacksonville, NE Florida, and the First Coast. If you have an old, outdated electrical panel or an unsafe panel made by Federal Pacific Electric or Zinsco, we can replace it with a new panel that will provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity for your home. 

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Unsafe Electrical Panels 

Older electrical panels may be unsafe or unable to keep up with the electric demands of modern households. If you live in an older home, your panel was manufactured at a time when houses had less demand for electricity — people didn’t have the large, energy-hungry appliances and electronics we have today.

Consider upgrading the electrical panel when:  

  • The panel is more than 25-40 years old
  • Breakers trip frequently 
  • The panel is rusted 
  • You don’t have enough electrical outlets 
  • There is a burning odor near the panel
  • Lights flicker when something is plugged in
  • The panel is hot to the touch 
  • Outlets spark when plugging something in 
  • You have an old fuse box with fuses instead of circuit breakers 

The manufacturer of your panel can influence the decision for replacement, even if it appears to be working. Homes built before 1990 may have substandard panels made by Federal Pacific Electric or Zinsco. Federal Pacific Electric panels will have the name on the cover or Stab-Loc on the inside. The Stab-Loc breakers are prone to failure and may cause in electrical fires. 

Zinsco panels have been found to have a design flaw that results in the circuit breakers melting to the main bus bar. This prevents the breaker from tripping and can lead to an electrical fire. Zinsco panels are also manufactured under GTE Sylvania or Sylvania. If you see any of those names on your panel, it is best to have it inspected and replaced. 

See What Our Customers Are Saying Featured Reviews

  • “Alex was very professional and helpful. When working on my wiring, he corrected several issues that were present from previous rework at no additional charge.” - Justin J.
  • “On time, on point, and efficient...exceptional work ethic and work quality. Very respectful of property and customers' time. Thanks, Alex!” - Noel C.
  • “Both men were friendly and worked quickly, leaving the repair site clean. They explained what work they needed to do.” - Carol B.
  • “I unexpectedly had to get my outdated electrical panel upgraded to renew my insurance. Bolt Electric replaced it for the best price, and did a great job!” - Sherry R.
  • “He’s helped me on a few occasions and I couldn’t ask for more with respect to customer service, knowledge of electrical problems, and the education he gave me yesterday.” - Mitchell C.
  • “My technicians Alex and Josh were Uber professionals and they arrived early for the job. They also worked hard in the heat to get my panel done.” - Lonnie M.
  • “We spoke to many others but Bolt exceeded our expectations and would definitely recommend them.Alan, his helper as well as Mark.” - Molly S.
  • “I would recommend this company to anybody who needs any electrical work done.” - Bruce S.
  • “Joshua came out and fixed the bonding wire on my pool pumps and replaced old and rusty conduit on one of the pumps. Fast work abs a reasonable price.” - Steve H.
  • “I had Bolt electrician come out to replace my outdoor light fixtures today. He is very professional and helpful. The price is reasonable compared to other companies.” - Adenah S.

Meeting Your Current & Future Electrical Requirements

Older panels often lack room for expansion, so if you remodel or buy a large new appliance that requires a dedicated circuit, there may not be room. Upgrading to a new electrical panel ensures that your home has a sufficient supply of electricity for the various appliances, lighting, and devices in your home. In addition, there will be room for expansion to meet your future needs. 

Your electrician can inspect your electrical panel to determine if it should be replaced and help you find the best new panel for your home’s electrical requirements. A licensed electrician should install your new panel to ensure that your electrical system is safe and up to code. 

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If you are ready to upgrade your electrical panel or have concerns, we can provide an inspection and advice about newer electrical panels in Jacksonville. We offer free estimates, top-quality work, and tremendous customer service. 

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