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If you use light only for illumination, you’re missing out

Light plays a significant role in shaping our moods and affects how you react to your surroundings.

Would you consider attempting a romantic dinner in a neon-lit restaurant? It can’t be done.  Or how about taking in a movie while the house lights remain on. You might as well go home and watch TV.  And why do people gather from miles around to view a sunrise or sunset, especially on a tropical island?  Because they’re lighting magic.

Now, you can create a little lighting magic of your own right inside your home. That’s what accent lighting is for.

Accent lighting is designed to turn ordinary into extraordinary, or to make something special look amazing.  There are three basic types of accent lighting:  recessed, track, and wall-mounted spotlights.

Track lighting is probably the most flexible of your alternatives as you can control the number of lights, their placement, and then angle the individual lamps to create exactly the desired effect.

Recessed lighting is the least obtrusive option since its installed flush with your ceiling and calls no attention to the fixtures themselves.

Spotlights also serve a multitude of accent lighting purposes, such as bringing a sculpture or antique vase to life.

There are also several different kinds of accent light bulbs available:  xenon, incandescent, halogen, and LED.  Just remember that halogen lights generate a lot of heat and should be used with extreme caution.

Just how much accent lighting is enough?  To create the desired effect, the rule of thumb is three times as much accent light as ambient light.

No doubt about it:  creating and installing the right type of accent lighting scheme can be a challenging and demanding task.  But let that inspire you, not deter you.  In fact, why not contact Bolt Electric today for a free on-site lighting consultation and proposal, one that will include a guaranteed price quote.

How to Use Accent Lighting, Baldwin & Fruit Cove – Learn how to make more of your living space with accent lighting from Bolt Electric. It’s simply magical.