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Kids have a unique ability to get into mischief, even when you think they’re behaving like perfect angels.  Well, they may be angels to the core, but you can’t always tell by their actions.

Frosting all over the floor?  Annoying, but no big deal? Bottom dresser drawers emptied?  Too tempting to pass up.  Giving the cat a swift kick?  “Now, now Junior, mustn’t hurt Mr. Jinx!”

Heck, that’s all part of being a parent.  But then there’s the more serious and potentially harmful mischief that can befall them and, for that, you need to be prepared.

To assist you in that endeavor, Bolt Electric is pleased to present these electrical safety tips:

  • Tell your kids to ask permission before plugging in an electrical device.
  • Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets to prevent electrocution. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that the number of electrocutions has been cut in half since GFCIs were introduced. GFCI outlets should be installed wherever water and electricity can converge.
  • Use plastic covers to prevent kids from sticking any object into an outlet.
  • Keep electrical cords out of view to the extent possible – this is a good way to protect your pets, too.
  • As children grow, they become enamored with tree climbing. That’s great, provided they have the skill and know the rules, like never climbing a tree even close to a power line.
  • The same goes for flying a balloon or kite attached to a string…don’t allow it near power lines.
  • Inspect all electrical cords periodically and unplug them immediately if you spot exposed or frayed wiring. Have the wiring fixed or replaced before using that device again.
  • Keep electrical appliances and gadgets out of reach.
  • Keep electrical wires and cords from any source of heat.

As you take these and other safety precautions, make note of anything you view as an electrical safety hazard. If it’s something that requires assistance from a licensed electrician, Bolt Electric is ready to come to your aid.  Contact us today or any time for service.

Home Electrical Safety Tips, Asbury Lake & Atlantic Beach – Water and electricity don’t mix, and neither do kids and electricity. Here’s how to keep them apart.