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Sometimes, the Problem Just Can’t Wait.

Okay, so your doorbell just went the way of the dinosaur – all gone. You want to replace it, of course, but your plate is full already, so what the heck, it can wait.  Just bought a replacement overhead light fixture for your kitchen because you got tired of looking at the old one?  “Hmm, let’s just hold off calling the electrician until next week – Iike, what’s rush?!”

That all makes sense, right? Well, there are other home electrical issues that demand immediate attention. You might not know what’s causing the issue, but you clearly discern that something has seriously gone wrong.

It’s for times like that when Bolt Electric is always up to the challenge.  In fact, here are some of the home electrical problems that are a regular part of our workload.

Warm or Hot Outlet

If an outlet feels warm or hot to the touch, call us right away to help prevent an electrical fire.  Here’s what could be causing the problem:

  • The outlet is overloaded
  • The outlet is cracked or part of it has fallen which, in turn, can lessen its effectiveness in controlling the flow of electricity
  • Or, maybe you have too many outlets on the same circuit. When that happens, electrical current can pass from one outlet to another which is another way an outlet can become overloaded.

A Wall Switch is Sparking

If you notice a small spark emanating from inside a switch while you’re turning it off, don’t be alarmed – that’s a common occurrence. However, if the spark causes the switch to smoke or you notice the switch plate is scorched, the switch needs to be replaced as quickly as possible.

Electrical Shock

Static electric shock is bad enough when your take off a hat or rub your hair against a balloon, but there’s potential for more serious trouble under any of the following conditions:

  • Old outlet. An outdated outlet can be crack-free but still emit an electric shock that will jar you.
  • Damaged appliances. When appliance circuitry becomes damaged, electrical currents become unstable. The potential for electrical shock comes from plugging the appliance in, a step that also could damage a fridge, dishwasher, toaster, and more. Other causes of electrical shock from appliances are frayed wiring and broken cords.
  • Water touching electricity. If your kitchen and bathroom are equipped with standard electrical outlets, you run the risk of electrical shock any time water and electricity converge. To prevent that, have all standard outlets near water sources replace with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets.

Flickering or Blinking Lights

Besides the visual annoyance, a flickering or blinking light fixture could stem from a poor connection somewhere along the circuit. If the problem is happening in multiple locations at once, the main wire connection could be causing it. Another reason to call Bolt Electric is when you notice loose or insecure wiring connected to a lighting fixture.

Circuit Breaker Has Tripped and Won’t Reset

The result of a problem circuit breaker can range from mild to gross inconvenience…and worse. So don’t wait, call Bolt.

We’re in the Problem Solving Business.

As a rule, if it doesn’t look, feel, or smell right, something is probably wrong. And when it comes to electricity, why take the chance when Bolt Electric is ready and able to make the problem disappear…just like always.

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